Intelligent Rooms

Discover the equipments in your room

At each moment of the day a different atmosphere for a tailor-made stay. At the Paris j’Adore Hotel & Spa, we have taken the liberty of programming ambiance scenarios in your room that you can activate very easily with a touch on your tablet.

Scenario “Romance”

Imagine the perfect romantic moment. You need a refined decoration, soft lighting, closed curtains, a pleasant fragrance, your favorite music in the background, a jacuzzi filled at 38°C and hot towels. To surprise your partner, there is no need to plan ahead, at the Paris j’Adore Hotel & Spa, you just have to select the “charm” scenario on your tablet. Immediately the room amenities come alive to create a romantic atmosphere without any further intervention on your part.

Room service scenario

Imagine that you are lounging in the jacuzzi on your terrace. Someone knocks at your door. Probably the waiter bringing you the bottle of champagne you ordered. At the Paris j’Adore Hotel & Spa it is not necessary to get out of your bath to open the door of your room. A simple press of the “Open door” button on your iPad, the door unlocks and the waiter can then deliver the champagne to you at the edge of the Jacuzzi.

“Awakening” scenario

Imagine the perfect alarm clock. Three minutes before the hour, the curtains open by 10% to let in a light trickle of daylight, a discreet smell of citrus perfumes your room, your jacuzzi fills up at 38°C, the floor of your room bath and your towels are hot. And finally, when you wake up, your favorite music plays in the background. We offer you a unique sensory experience that places pleasure at the center of everything.